5 Ways I Find My Flow

As you might know via my Instagram updates, I was in beautiful Tulum, Mexico last week. It was the first time in 3 years I didn’t bring a laptop with me while I was on vacation. While falling off the grid completely is something I don’t think I’m able to do at this point in life, it was really great to (semi) unplug. Life is beautiful and amazing, but it can definitely take its toll if you let it. Vacations are awesome (albeit few and far between for most of us), so I try to keep balance in my daily life, regardless of where it takes me. ‘Finding your flow’, or the way you can make life operate as seamlessly and meaningfully as possible, is super important. It took me some time, but I really do like where I am right now, so I feel content sharing this piece with you. In collaboration with Flow Water, here are 5 ways I Find My Flow – what I believe to be 5 vital practices I live by and practice in my own life.


Eating Well

No matter where I am, I always try to make a consistent effort to seek out the most ‘whole’ food choices available to me. Whether it’s choosing the side salad over fries or subbing quinoa for rice. It’s simple – the closer a food is to it’s natural form, the better. It also means avoiding simple carbs and sugar as much as possible – with the odd ice cream/croissant when necessary. Because honestly, depriving yourself isn’t the way.


Staying Hydrated

Being thirsty, (literally and figuratively) doesn’t better you in any way. If you’re even a little dehydrated, your whole body function is thrown off. You’re more likely to reach for snacks and be irritable, just to name a couple of examples of things. You probably know that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and made of 64 (!) percent water. Drinking lots of water can improve the color and texture of your skin by keeping it building new cells properly.  I aim for 2-3L a day. Most people don’t drink anywhere near enough, for whatever reason. To keep it interesting, I like to make fruit-infused water: my favourites are grapefruit, strawberry, mint, and lime. I usually add chia seeds as well for an extra nutrient boost – they’re loaded with fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids – and to me, make it kind of reminiscent of drinking bubble tea. Flow Water is my fave because it has a high PH balance (8.1), making it super alkaline. If you don’t know about PH and it’s relation to the body, read this to get familiar.


Yoga + Meditation

I started to practice yoga about a year ago, simply for it’s physical benefits. I knew it brought me a sense of peacefulness, but I wasn’t fully aware of it’s whole purpose or the story behind it. While yoga is a good workout, it’s much more of a spiritual, meditative practice with a focus on moksha (liberation of the mind). I’ll be honest – I never really understood what meditation meant until very recently. For my hyperactive mind, it seemed like something of a myth, an act saved for monks simply that simply wasn’t possible for the average person. I recently read The Untethered Soul (highly recommended), and it changed my mindset completely. My eyes were completely opened up. Now I rely on the powers of yoga + meditation as an important part of my life (in my opinion, they go hand in hand.) Even if it’s closing my eyes and taking 10 minutes to reflect on myself and remember to choose happiness above all else.


Jotting My Thoughts Down

One thing you’ll find in my bag at any given time is a small notebook. I start every day by writing out a mini to-do list of the things I need to get done that day in order of importance, and reminders. Confession – I can’t remember things to save my life. Cell phone reminders are great and all, but they’re one more reason to look down at your phone…and that’s something I am trying to do less of these days. Actually writing things down, crossing things out, and sketching things is super cathartic to me. I also keep a journal by my bed for thoughts that come up while I’m waiting to fall asleep, reflecting on the day (I swear some of my best ideas come at this time!).


A Good Workout

Whether its boxing, cardio, pilates, or whatever your sweat sesh of choice is, working out does a world of good for your body and is one of the best ways to destress. Not only does exercising do wonders for your self-image, it releases endorphins that literally make you happier.