Ever since I got the seed in my brain to work in fashion at the ripe age of 16, I developed an intense, worshippy-esque admiration of magazine editors. I’ve never been the type of person to get starstruck, but I remember having a tiny anxiety attack the first time I saw Bernadette Mora at Toronto Fashion Week (r.i.p).  As I got older and more ‘established’, if you will, in the industry, I started to come across E-I-C’s more and more. I even had a long 1-on-1 chat with Lisa Tant at an event this summer.  While 18 year old me of would have probably had a mini heart attack during this encounter, I kept my cool there. But something tells me that if I ever came across Carine Roitfeld (a.k.a Vogue Paris’ former editor), I wouldn’t be nearly as chill. Probably my favourite of them all, I always identified with Carine’s minimal, edgy aesthetic. I can only hope to be as chic as her when I’m in my 60’s, but for the time being Uniqlo dropped a pretty solid collection with her, featuring allllll the classic, cool French girl pieces. This coat in particulal feels extremely luxe for it’s price point, and has that certain je ne sais quoi you’d expect from something produced by Carine Roitfeld.

Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo jacket, here

Public Desire ‘Cayden’ heels, here

Balenciaga cable shopper, here

H&M culottes, similar here