City Beats
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New year, new me! Just kidding. Well, half kidding. I think I’ve changed a lot from last year…how I see the world, making (some) sense of this thing called life, figuring out the direction I’m going in it. On a slightly less deep note, my hair is pretty much the same. I’m still not over the grey!! I feel like I’m kinda in the prime mode for it – I’ve got caring for the colour down to a science (I also feel like it lasts much longer than it used to – maybe my hair is tired of fighting? Lol). To switch it up a little this time around, Redken and I added some Broadway Blue from their City Beats collection into the mix. I thought I’d also share some tips I’ve accumulated along the way, since it’s been almost a year of having gone grey. P.s. What should I do next?!?

Here are my tips for maintaining your grey:

  • Purple shampoo – I use Redken’s Silver Charge Shampoo
  • Dry shampoo – Keeping washing to a minimum is vital with grey. Since the grey colour is just the toner on top (it’s essentially blonde under) it leaves the cuticle really fast. Get your hair used to less washing by supplementing with a dry shampoo. I use Redken’s Pillow Proof Two-Day Extender Dry Shampoo
  • Cold water – Hot water is death for coloured hair. It opens up the cuticle and makes colour leave reaaaaaal quick. I stick my head over the bathtub (because cold showers aren’t fun) when I wash my hair.
  • DIY colour-deposit conditioner – Every few washes I’ll mix some of my purple shampoo with my Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus, apply it to my hair and cover with a shower cap, then blow dry under medium heat for like 10 minutes.

Public Desire boots, here, Wilfred pants, here, Asos coat

Hair: Marie-Eve Faucher | Special thanks to: Salon Tocci