Grey Phase 2

I can’t believe it’s been 10 whole months since I ‘went grey’. What started out as a tame idea – to put some grey through the ends of my hair and switch things up a bit – turned out to be a nearly year long journey of wild hair experiments with Redken Canada. I’ve had my dark lob with bangs for years now…I considered it my ‘signature,’ if you will. So never in a million years did I think that I’d be going full out grey, chopping my hair into a short bob, and getting rid of my trademark fringe on top of it all! But I’ve come to learn that experimentation is fun (and can create some wonderful outcomes). Staying comfortable usually means staying stagnant. There’s this quote that goes ‘A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.’ It’s one of my favourites – it reminds me to always push myself and make an effort to step outside the box. It also makes me remember all the times I took risks that paid off. I was hesitant to switch up my hair this drastically – I mean, my blog is called The Brunette Salad after all – but what do you know? I’m really enjoying this grey, bangless bob. Maybe I’ll even switch my blog to The Silver Salad? It’s got a nice ring to it…

And here’s the colour deets: Marie-Eve lightened my hair (I’m at a level 10 now!) with Flash Lift lightener, then did SEQ gloss liquid demi colour in black at the roots and pearl on the midshaft/ends. I also use Redken Silver Charge Shampoo religiously to keep the silvery-ness alive – It’s technically for men, but awesome for my colour.

hair: Marie-Eve Faucher | photos: Duy Nguyen  | special thanks to: Salon Tocci