L.A. Photo Diary
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Sometimes life throws you (cool) little curveballs. Instances that seem to be a drag but later reveal themselves as positives. This trip was one of those things – a super last minute (like, day before) decision that came out of a shitty situation. I hadn’t been to L.A. in almost a decade, and since that time kind of always carried this certain negative image of it in my mind. You know, something along the lines of “Ugh, the land of stuck-up, spray-tanned blondes looking for their next big break and slimy people trying to make it big etc. etc.” I guess it was my experience this time around, but that honestly couldn’t have been more off. I had always seen myself as a person who found home in New York City, but after this trip I could honestly see myself living in L.A even more. Maybe partially due to the fact that I had some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten on a trip (I’m super into healthy organic living/eating and L.A. is literally the epicentre of this). Or maybe – actually, most definitely – the company. I didn’t realize how many friends I had in L.A., and it was amazing to see/catch-up with them all. I got to see some of my favourite Toronto transplants – as well as meet some insanely talented creatives (who were, by the way, super nice!). The whole thing was great vibes from start to finish. Here were some of my highlights/places you should check out next time you’re there:

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Places: Fala Bar (even if you don’t like veggie burgers – go here), Jitlada (kind of a hole-in-the-wall but best thai food EVER), Opening Ceremony (I like this one waaay more than the NY location!), Juice Served Here (I went to the one at 8366 W 3rd St – it has the cutest back patio, pictured below), Reformation (One of the BEST sustainable fashion brands in the game), Matsuhisa (Nobu’s less-presumptuous counterpart – we actually had dinner next to Mr. Nobu Himself at dinner here), The Apartment by The Line, Temescal Canyon Trail (waaay less tourist-y than Runyon), Toca Madera (4 words – churro ice cream sandwich), Sweet Rose Creamery (best banana ice cream I’ve ever had), Mainland Poke Shop (life-changing – no exaggeration), naturally – the Nasty Gal flagship, and for vibes = HydeTenants of the Trees 

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