Rose Gold Tho
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I’m sick. SICK. AND TIRED. Why, you ask? Well…many reasons. But one of them is because I’ve spent over 2 decades of wearing costume jewellery that turns black/green after a few wears. As I’m getting older and my aesthetic has pretty much matured, I’ve come to realize that I know what I like – and it makes so much more sense to invest in pieces I KNOW that I’ll get tons of wear out of rather than waste money on fast fashion anything. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s infinitely better to spend some significant moolah on a high quality, signature piece of jewellery that can be worn all the time rather than get tempted by garbage costume jewellery that needs to be replaced once a month. A piece I personally love is a simple diamond band. This one pictured, by Michael Hill, is done in rose gold for a little modern twist – and features a row of genuine diamonds for some minimal sparkle. So ladies, my final thought is: DO NOT think twice about dropping some dough on a simple jewellery piece that you know you love and will wear daily. It will be worth it. Diamonds + gold don’t go down in value. Oh, and DEFINITELY do not wait for a guy to buy jewellery for you! We’re in 2015, darling 😉

Michael Hill Rose Gold + Diamond Ring, here