Mane Ting

As you probably know, I switched up my hair and went back to black a little while back. I was absolutely set on having super long “Cher” hair. Clip-ins were great for awhile – I love the versatility of them! But with summer approaching, I knew they would be a little high maintenance for me and was looking to explore of a more permanent option. I don’t know the first thing about permanent extensions, so when Sidera of Sid City Extensions approached me and introduced me to the amazing world of them at literally the perfect moment, I couldn’t help but think it was semi-fateful. She hooked me up with my micro-beads, which I’ve had for over a month now…and I love them. I can put my hair up easily, there’s no damage to my actual hair, and I have the long hair I wanted (that I wake up with!). p.s. If you’re interested in getting some permanents done yourself, mention my name for $100 off any service – micro beads, tapes, or fusion. She’ll take good care of you, I promise 😉