Miami Photo Diary

Sometimes you just need to get away. I wouldn’t call it ‘escaping’ like some people do…something more along the lines of a temporary hiatus of everyday life. It’s been a strange/crazy/wonderful year for me so far, and I’m beyond grateful to be busy. But I truly think taking a mini-hiatus as often as possible (to a place more exciting/different) does wonders for the soul and is super-necessary. It just makes you realize that there’s so much out there in the world. As much as I love Toronto, it’s way too small sometimes. It’s easy to get wrapped up in stuff that doesn’t necessarily feed your soul. A quick little jaunt to Miami with Christian, who I’ve been working closely with (and growing both professionally and personally with) was just what the doctor ordered.

Places: Thompson Miami Beach (where we stayed), Soho House Miami Beach, The WebsterBodega South Beach (go for the tacos, stay for the amazing music and vibes), Yardbird Southern Table & BarCecconi’s (the kale+provolone pizza and hazelnut ice cream profiteroles are musts), Havana 1957, and obviously – Liv & E11even for some late night fun 😉